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Final Report Questions

I received a grant last year and need to submit a Final Report. When is the Final Report due? 
Final Report forms are due in our office no later than December 1 following the grant year.

What if I miss the due date for my Final Report?   
Contact the Foundation office. Final Reports that are not received by the deadline may disqualify you from future grant considerations.

I did not spend all the funds received in my grant. 
What should I do?

Any portion of a grant that is not used for the designated purpose within one year from receipt must be disclosed in writing to the Foundation.

Our final report was not completed by the CEO/CFO
of our organization. Who should sign the report? 
All Final Reports must be signed by the CEO/CFO of the organization to be considered. It is a legal requirement for our process.

I lost my Final Report form. How can I get another one?
Click on the Report Forms button on the menu bar and choose the grant year you received your grant. You can download the form from that location.